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Our Team

Nathan Framewave
Principal | Executive Producer

Nathan Medina

Nathan started Framewave in 2015 and serves as the Executive Producer and Brand Strategist. With a sales and marketing background, Nathan is able to quickly connect with a marketing team all the way up to the CEO to ensure that the businesses goals are always driving the decisions made throughout production and editing process. After spending nearly 15 years songwriting and playing in bands, Framewave allows for a creative outlet to continue crafting stories and connecting and engaging with audiences.
Jonathan Grigg Framewave
Associate Producer | DP

Jonathan Grigg

Jon is your true cinephile and dedicated to his craft. Committed to executing on every project we take on with the same consistency, enthusiasm and attention to detail, Jon has been a great fit for Framewave from day one. On set or not, you will probably find Jon with a camera in hand. Whether it is working on new lighting techniques or staying on top of the industry's latest technology, Jon is an avid learner and a valuable asset on any production.

Sales and Marketing meets Creative

Our sole focus has always been on businesses

Understanding Your Brand

We understand that at the end of the day great video production holds no value unless it reinforces your brand, your mission, and motivates your audience to act. It is important to take the time to understand what your business’s competitive advantages are, who your competition is, and who your customers are before we do anything else.

Attention to Detail

We pride ourselves on being obsessive about the details. The details in production of course, but also in shaping the messaging of each video we create. We believe that being diligent about the quality of even the smallest details results in a final product that not only accomplishes your goals, but impresses your audience.

Growing Your Business

Unlike most video production companies, Framewave’s sole focus from day one has always been creating video marketing content for businesses. Everything we do is focused on creating video content that is designed to help attract more customers and grow your business.